Humanity Lies Within Each of Us!

Humanity doesn’t live or die in the hands of our next leader. Humanity lives within each and every one of us. What I’m saying is; no ‘one’ person is capable of making this country great again. We, one by one, make this country great. Sure, we elect leaders, and have since we stormed this land over hundreds of years ago. I have no doubt that in each election that has taken place, many people have been left disappointed. It’s impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. That’s irrational to even think such a thing is possible. This year will prove to be no different. No matter who wins whatever elections are taking place, there will be some people upset by the outcome.

We find ourselves in this puppet show run by politicians, media, social media, etc to believe Dooms Day is Nov. 9th. Every direction we turn it’s a dreaded Armageddon! So many of us are frustrated by the negativity that surrounds us in both politics, and the media, and still somehow find ourselves playing into it from time to time. Media is all around, and yes; we have the option to “turn it off” a fair amount of the time. What about the rest of the time though? When it pops up on a public tv, or it interrupts something with a special broadcast? This is when I choose to “shut myself off!” I have played into the disaster/ devastation game that’s being thrown at us from both sides. I’ve personally worried, and I’m deciding here and now that I won’t allow myself to do it anymore. The days of feeling like a fish trying to save itself from going down the drain are over. “Holy crap, what happens down that drain?” “Where does it lead us?” “Oh Noooo!”

I’m reminded my mind is always more powerful than whatever is trying to influence me. No matter my political views, my beliefs, etc; I CHOOSE whether, or not, to believe if “WE ARE IN REAL TROUBLE!” To which, I choose NO!

I don’t see that we are doomed if the person I vote for doesn’t win. I believe WE make up this Nation. Not 1 single POTUS! Not a handful of leaders. The only way we are doomed is if WE ALL toss in our hats, and give up.

I don’t see that. I see a large amount of people who are passionate about creating a better society/nation/world for everyone! I’m moved by the amount of people trying to create conversations so that we can better understand where we are all coming from.

Social media is a great connector, as well as a great disconnector. As with all good things, in somewhere lies some bad. That’s not saying social media is bad. It’s a great tool to get a message out, connect with others, create groups, inspire others, and the list goes on. It offers great opportunities. Heck, I’m going to post/share this on social media myself. However, I do feel there lies a serious disconnect with it too. People get in heated conversations over social media, and often say things they’d never dream of saying to a person standing across from them. Also, it’s easy to understand how so many things might come across wrong or misconstrued since only about 7% of communication is conveyed through words. Even comments with the best intentions might be misinterpreted because it’s missing the other 93% of communication; body language, tone, etc.

What if we used social media to get messages out, info. out, to connect with people, and saved the hard conversations for when we’re in a better setting/surrounding? One where we aren’t hiding behind our screens/devices, and can see the impact our words can have on others.

I do agree with the belief that we have become a society of easily offended people. At the same time, I realize that it’s not my place to judge what someone is offended by. I can have an adult conversation though, and apologize, or speak my truth without being all-out nasty.

See, I believe the vast majority of people are good. We don’t intend to hurt others, and still it can happen. I believe most people do care about others beyond their family/friends/loved ones, and do actually care about mankind/humankind! Sure there are bad people (they’ve always existed since humans walked the earth) and I think a lot of us prefer to focus on the good ones nonetheless! We encounter people all day long that we might not know who are likely good, maybe even GREAT people. We don’t know though unless we do our part to show them we’re also good. Smile at them and the odds are better than not that you’re going to get a smile back. Talk to them, you might find out you both share something in common. Suddenly, a connection has been created that might have just been passed by. We can all immediately judge someone on their looks and actions, and convince ourselves we know if that person is genuine, honest, has integrity, etc. before even meeting them. I’d be a fool to sit here and say I’ve never done that before. I will also say I have foolishly been wrong too!! When judging others it doesn’t make me feel better. And equally, when being judged by others, it has not felt good. So again, I’m CHOOSING to change that about myself, and enjoy the alternative of actually learning about, and from people. I know we are all busy creatures with so much to do, and still I’m surprised how much extra time is available if I want to find time to connect.

We have so many amazing people in this world making a difference. It doesn’t have to be Nobel-Prize-worthy. It doesn’t have to be finding the answers to pollution, racism, world hunger, animal extinctions, etc. etc. These people are still going out and doing their best. They are trying! Isn’t that enough sometimes? Shouldn’t it be enough? Maybe we don’t see eye-to-eye, and still they are doing something they believe is helpful. We all have choices every moment of every day! We all have made choices we are proud of, and maybe not-so proud of! We are humans, beautifully flawed humans. We also are each given these powerful, incredible minds that allow us to learn so we make less of those not-so proud choices. It’s within each of us to BE! BE kind, BE caring, BE genuine, BE mindful, BE funny, BE honest, BE happy, BE thoughtful… BE YOU! And if you is a jerk, you can always CHOOSE to change; find you, create you, and BE YOU.

Let us remember; 1 single leader doesn’t make a nation great. A country’s people are what define a great nation. In a currently divided nation; one thing is certain… WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER; today, tomorrow, and beyond! Let us BE GREAT TOGETHER!


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